Do you have Clients or Customers?

What do you have? Clients? or Customers?

If you work in an office offering a service you would probably say clients.

If you have a store where you sell items you would probably say customers.

Recognizing and knowing the difference can improve your business and marketing efforts.

What I would like you to do from this point on is to consider anyone you’re doing business with a client and not  a customer. It doesn’t matter if you are selling candy in a store, designing websites or if you’re an auto mechanic.

Here’s the reason why….having clients automatically implies repeat business. If you work at treating who ever you are doing transactions with as somebody who may or may not come back to you based on your performance….if you make them a client you will improve your offering. And improving your offering means more sales.

You should  remember that it cost less to keep your current clients buying and spending than it is to get new customers to do the same.



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