My Name is Rich Williams

I live with my wife, son and a dog in Brooklyn, where we are renovating  a 100 year old house.

I run a Business Technology Consulting firm and an Internet Marketing Agency.  I consult with business startups on setup and implementation of business and marketing practices using technology.  In my spare time I am a product designer having created some novelty items and I'm an amateur DJ (like everyone else) .

I have been starting and running businesses for as long as I can remember. My first business was at age 14 employing neighborhood kids to run errands for little old ladies and return shopping cart to the local grocery store for a cut of the profits. I've always had the desire to work and succeed.

After dropping out of NYU, where I was pursuing a film degree, my “adult” career began in the 90’s making shoestring budget hip-hop music videos. I (along with my team) had one of the first hip hop videos of its era to break into regular rotation on MTV. The video had a budget of only $3,700.00 and helped to make its artists one of the best rap groups of all time... (see Defense exhibit 1)

Defense Exhibit 1 - 15 Minutes of fame claim.

I was  COO/Executive Producer of Liberty Studios in Manhattan focusing on commercial work, post production and advertising. Liberty Studios produced several award wining campaigns in its history. I also have a few Independent Feature credits to my name.

At the turn of the century (I always wanted to say that), I worked at Urban Box Office (UBO) with founders George Jackson and Adam Kidron. UBO delivered video content online in the pre-youtube days. UBO flamed out in spectacular fashion during the first dotcom bust after the death of one of its founders. I was then General Manager of Brownstone Specialist CWB Architects for several years before starting several of my own businesses around 2008. 

I'm a strong believer that information and technology can be used to level the playing field. I am living proof that the internet is a viable way of attracting clients and creating a profitable business. 

Feel Free to drop me an email if you have any questions  rich [at]